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Jay P. Green's Literal Translation 1993



60:1Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of Jehovah has risen on you!
60:2For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples. But Jehovah shall rise on you, and His glory shall be seen on you.
60:3And nations shall walk to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawning.
60:4Lift up your eyes all around and see; they are all assembling; they are coming to you. Your sons shall come from far away, and your daughters shall be supported on the side.
60:5Then you shall fear and be bright; and your heart shall dread and swell. For the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you; the wealth of nations shall come to you.
60:6A host of camels shall cover you, young camels of Midian and Ephah. All of them shall come from Sheba, they shall carry gold and incense; and they shall proclaim the praises of Jehovah.
60:7All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered to you; rams of Nebaioth shall serve you; they shall come up for acceptance on My altar; and I will glorify the house of My glory.
60:8Who are these who fly like a cloud, and with the doves to their windows?
60:9For the coastlands shall wait for Me, and the ships of Tarshish at the first, to bring your sons from far away, their silver and their gold to them, to the name of Jehovah your God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because He has glorified you.
60:10And the sons of the stranger shall build your walls; and their kings shall serve you. For I struck you in My wrath, but I pitied you in My favor.
60:11So your gates shall be always open; they shall not be shut day or night, so that men may bring to you the force of nations, and that their kings may be led.
60:12For the nations and the kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; yea, the nations shall be utterly destroyed.
60:13The glory of Lebanon shall come to you: the juniper, the box tree, and the cypress together, to beautify the place of My sanctuary; yea, I will glorify the place of My feet.
60:14Also the sons of your afflicters shall come bowing to you. And all who despised you shall fall at the soles of your feet. And they shall call you, The City of Jehovah, the Zion of the Holy One of Israel.
60:15Instead of your being forsaken and hated, so that no one passes through, I will make you for everlasting majesty, a joy of many generations.
60:16You shall also suck the milk of nations, and you shall suck the breast of kings. And you shall know that I, Jehovah, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.
60:17Instead of bronze, I will bring gold; and instead of iron, I will bring silver. And instead of timber, bronze; and instead of stones, iron. And I will make your governors peace, and your exacters righteousness.
60:18Violence shall not still be heard in your land, or wasting and ruin within your borders; but you shall call your walls, Salvation, and your gates, Praise.
60:19The sun shall not still be your light by day, or the brightness of the moon give you light; but Jehovah shall be for everlasting light to you, and your God for your beauty.
60:20Your sun shall not set any more; and your moon shall not withdraw; for Jehovah will become your everlasting light; and the days of your mourning shall end.
60:21And your people shall all be righteous; they shall possess the earth forever, a branch of My planting, a work of My hands, to beautify Myself.
60:22A little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation. I, Jehovah, will hasten it in its time.
Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation 1993

Green's Literal Translation (Literal Translation of the Holy Bible - LITV), is a translation of the Bible by Jay P. Green, Sr., first published in 1985. The LITV takes a literal, formal equivalence approach to translation. The Masoretic Text is used as the Hebrew basis for the Old Testament, and the Textus Receptus is used as the Greek basis for the New Testament.

Green's Literal Translation (LITV). Copyright 1993
by Jay P. Green Sr.
All rights reserved. Jay P. Green Sr.,
Lafayette, IN. U.S.A. 47903.