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King James Bible 1611



7:1Then Ierubbaal (who is Gideon) and all the people that were with him, rose vp earely, and pitched beside the well of Harod: so that the hoste of the Midianites were on the North side of them by the hill of Moreh, in the valley.
7:2And the Lord said vnto Gideon, The people that are with thee, are too many for me to giue the Midianites into their handes, lest Israel vaunt themselues against mee, saying, Mine owne hand hath saued me.
7:3Now therefore go to, proclaime in the eares of the people, saying, Whosoeuer is fearefull and afraid, let him returne and depart earely from mount Gilead: and there returned of the people twentie and two thousand, & there remained ten thousand.
7:4And the Lord said vnto Gideon, The people are yet too many: bring them downe vnto the water, and I wil trie them for thee there: and it shall bee that of whome I say vnto thee, This shall goe with thee, the same shall goe with thee: and of whomsoeuer I say vnto thee, This shal not goe with thee, the same shall not goe.
7:5So he brought downe the people vnto the water: and the Lord sayd vnto Gideon, Euery one that lappeth of the water with his tongue as a dog lappeth, him shalt thou set by himselfe, likewise euery one that boweth downe vpon his knees to drinke.
7:6And the number of them that lapped putting their hand to their mouth, were three hundred men: but all the rest of the people bowed downe vpon their knees to drinke water.
7:7And the Lord said vnto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped, will I saue you, and deliuer the Midianites into thine hand: and let all the other people goe euery man vnto his place.
7:8So the people tooke victuals in their hand, and their trumpets: and he sent all the rest of Israel, euery man vnto his tent, and reteined those three hundred men: and the hoste of Midian was beneath him in the valley.
7:9And it came to passe the same night, that the Lord sayd vnto him, Arise, get thee downe vnto the hoste, for I haue deliuered it into thine hand.
7:10But if thou feare to goe downe, goe thou with Phurah thy seruant downe to the hoste.
7:11And thou shalt heare what they say, and afterward shall thine handes be strengthened to goe downe vnto the hoste. Then went hee downe, with Phurah his seruant, vnto the outside of the armed men, that were in the hoste.
7:12And the Midianites, and the Amalekites, and all the children of the East, lay along in the valley like grashoppers for multitude, and their camels were without number, as the sand by the Sea side for multitude.
7:13And when Gideon was come, beholde, there was a man that tolde a dreame vnto his fellow, and sayd, Behold, I dreamed a dreame, and loe, a cake of Barley bread tumbled into the hoste of Midian, and came vnto a tent, and smote it that it fell, and ouerturned it, that the tent lay along.
7:14And his fellow answered, and said, This is nothing els saue the sword of Gideon the sonne of Ioash, a man of Israel: for into his hand hath God deliuered Midian, and all the hoste.
7:15And it was so, when Gideon heard the telling of the dreame, and the interpretation thereof, that hee worshipped, and returned into the host of Israel, and sayd, Arise, for the Lord hath deliuered into your hand the host of Midian.
7:16And he diuided the three hundred men into three companies, and hee put a trumpet in euery mans hand, with empty pitchers, and lampes within the pitchers,
7:17And hee said vnto them, Looke on mee, and doe likewise; and beholde, when I come to the outside of the campe, it shall be that as I doe, so shall ye doe.
7:18When I blow with a trumpet, I and all that are with mee, then blow ye the trumpets also on euery side of all the campe, and say, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.
7:19So Gideon and the hundred men that were with him, came vnto the outside of the campe, in the beginning of the middle watch, and they had but newly set the watch, and they blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers that were in their hands.
7:20And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lampes in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withall: and they cryed, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.
7:21And they stood euery man in his place, round about the campe: and all the host ranne, and cried, and fled.
7:22And the three hundred blew the trumpets, and the Lord set euery mans sword against his fellow, euen throughout all the host: and the host fled to Beth-shittah, in Zererath, and to the border of Abel Meholah, vnto Tabbath.
7:23And the men of Israel gathered themselues together out of Naphtali, and out of Asher, and out of all Manasseh, and pursued after the Midianites.
7:24And Gideon sent messengers throughout all mount Ephraim, saying; Come downe against the Midianites, and take before them the waters vnto Beth-barah, and Iordan. Then all the men of Ephraim gathered themselues together, and tooke the waters vnto Beth-barah, and Iordane.
7:25And they tooke two Princes of the Midianites, Oreb, and Zeeb; and they slew Oreb vpon the rocke Oreb, and Zeeb they slew at the winepresse of Zeeb, and pursued Midian, and brought the heads of Oreb and Zeeb, to Gideon on the other side Iordan.
King James Bible 1611

King James Bible 1611

The commissioning of the King James Bible took place at a conference at the Hampton Court Palace in London England in 1604. When King James came to the throne he wanted unity and stability in the church and state, but was well aware that the diversity of his constituents had to be considered. There were the Papists who longed for the English church to return to the Roman Catholic fold and the Latin Vulgate. There were Puritans, loyal to the crown but wanting even more distance from Rome. The Puritans used the Geneva Bible which contained footnotes that the king regarded as seditious. The Traditionalists made up of Bishops of the Anglican Church wanted to retain the Bishops Bible.

The king commissioned a new English translation to be made by over fifty scholars representing the Puritans and Traditionalists. They took into consideration: the Tyndale New Testament, the Matthews Bible, the Great Bible and the Geneva Bible. The great revision of the Bible had begun. From 1605 to 1606 the scholars engaged in private research. From 1607 to 1609 the work was assembled. In 1610 the work went to press, and in 1611 the first of the huge (16 inch tall) pulpit folios known today as "The 1611 King James Bible" came off the printing press.