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The Great Bible 1539



8:1In those dayes when ther was a very great company, and had nothynge to eate. Iesus called his disciples to him, and sayde vnto them:
8:2I haue compassion on the people, because they haue nowe bene wt me thre dayes, and haue nothing to eate:
8:3and yf I sende them a waye fastyng to theyr awne houses, they shall faynt by the waye. For diuers of them came from farre.
8:4And his discyples answered hym: where shulde a man haue bread here in the wyldernes to satysfye these?
8:5And he asked them: how many loues haue ye? They sayde: seuen.
8:6And he commaunded the people to syt downe on the grounde. And he toke the seuen loaues, and whan he had geuen thanckes, he brake, and gaue to hys dyscyples, to set before them. And they did set them before the people.
8:7And they had a fewe small fysshes. And whan he had blessed, he commaunded them also to be sett before them.
8:8And they dyd eate, and were suffysed. And they toke vp of the broken meate that was left seuen baskettes full.
8:9And they that dyd eate: were about foure thousande. And he sent them awaye.
8:10And anone he entred into a shyp with his disciples, and came into the parties of Dalmanutha.
8:11And the Pharyses came forth, and beganne to dispute with hym, sekynge of hym a sygne from heauen, temptynge hym.
8:12And whan he had syghted in hys sprete, he sayeth: why doth thys generacyon seke a sygne? Uerely I saye vnto you, there shall no sygne be geuen vnto thys generacyon.
8:13And he left them, and went into the ship agayne, and departed ouer the water.
8:14And they had forgotten to take bread wt them, nether had they in the shyp with them more then one loafe.
8:15And he charged them, saying. Take hede, beware of the leuen of the Pharises, and of the leuen of Herode.
8:16And they reasoned amonge them selues sayenge: We haue no bread.
8:17And Iesus knewe it, and saith vnto them: why take ye thought, because ye haue no breed? perceaue ye not yet nether vnderstande? Haue ye youre hert yet blynded?
8:18Haue ye eyes, and se not? and haue ye eares, and heare not? Do ye not also remembre?
8:19When I brake fyue loaues among fyue thousande men, how many baskettes full of broken meat toke ye vp? They saye vnto him, twelue.
8:20When I brake seuen amonge foure thousand, how many baskettes of the leauynges of the broken meate toke ye vp? They sayd: seuen.
8:21And he sayd vnto them: how happeneth it that ye do not vnderstande?
8:22And he came to Bethsayda, and they brought a blinde man vnto hym, and desired hym to touche him.
8:23And he caught the blynde by the hand, and lead him out of the towne: and whan he had spyt in his eyes, and put his handes vpon him, he asked him yf he sawe ought.
8:24And he loked vp, & sayd: I se the men: for I perceaue them walke, as they were trees.
8:25After that, he put hys handes agayne vpon hys eyes, and made hym se. And he was restored, and sawe euery man clearly.
8:26And he sent him home to his house, saieng: nether go into the towne, ner tel it to eny in the towne.
8:27And Iesus went out, & hys disciples into the townes that longe to the cytie called, Cesarea Philippi. And by the waye he asked his disciples, saying vnto them: whom do men saye that I am?
8:28And they answered: some saye, that thou art Iohn baptist, & some saye, Helias. Agayne, some saye, that that thou arte one of the nombre of the prophetes.
8:29And he sayde vnto them: but whom saye ye that I am? Peter answereth & sayth vnto him: thou art very Christ.
8:30And he charged them, that they shulde tell no man of him.
8:31And he beganne to teach them how that the sonne of man must suffre many thinges, and be reproued of the elders, and of the hye prestes, and scribes, and be kylled, & after thre dayes aryse agayne.
8:32And he spake that sayinge openly. And Peter toke hym aside, and began to chyde him.
8:33But he turned about, and loked on hys disciples, and rebuked Peter, saying: Go after me Satan. For thou sauerest not the thinges that be of God, but the thynges that be of men.
8:34And when he had called the people vnto hym with hys discyples also, he sayde vnto them. Whosoeuer wyll folowe me, lett hym forsake him self, and take vp hys crosse, and folowe me.
8:35For whosoeuer wil saue his life, shal lose it. But whosoeuer shal lose his life, for my sake & the gospels, the same shall saue it.
8:36For what shall it profet a man, yf he wynne all the world, and lose his awne soule:
8:37or what shall a man geue to redeme hys soule with all agayne?
8:38Whosoeuer therfore shalbe asshamed of me and of my wordes, in thys aduoutrous and synfull generacion: of hym also shall the sonne of man be asshamed, when he commeth in the glorye of hys father with the holy angels.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."