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Bishops Bible 1568



20:1For the kyngdome of heauen is lyke vnto a man, that is an householder, whiche went out earlye in the mornyng to hire labourers into his vineyarde.
20:2And he agreed with the labourers for a peny a day, & sent them into his vineyarde.
20:3And he went out about the thirde houre, and sawe other standyng idle in the market place,
20:4And saide vnto them: Go ye also into ye vineyard, & whatsoeuer is right, I wyl geue you. And they went their way.
20:5Agayne, he went out about the sixth and nynth houre, and dyd lykewyse.
20:6And about the eleuenth houre, he wet out, and founde other standyng idle, and saide vnto them: why stande ye here all the day idle?
20:7They saye vnto him: because no man hath hyred vs. He sayth vnto them: go ye also into the vineyarde, and whatsoeuer is ryght, that shall ye receaue.
20:8So, when euen was come, the lorde of the vineyard sayth vnto his steward: Call the labourers, and geue them their hire, beginning at ye last, vntyll the first.
20:9And when they came, that [were hired] about the eleuenth houre, they receaued euery man a peny.
20:10But when the firste came also, they supposed that they shoulde haue receaued more: and they lykewyse receaued euery man a peny.
20:11And when they had receaued it, they murmured against the good man of the house,
20:12Saying: These laste haue wrought but one houre, & thou hast made them equall vnto vs, whiche haue borne the burthen and heate of the day.
20:13But he aunswered to one of the, & said: Frende, I do thee no wrong: dyddest thou not agree with me for a peny?
20:14Take that thyne is, and go thy way: I wyll geue vnto this last, euen as vnto thee.
20:15Is it not lawfull for me, to do that I wyll with myne owne? Is thyne eye euyll, because I am good?
20:16So the last, shalbe the first, & the first [shalbe] last: For many be called, but fewe [be] chosen.
20:17And Iesus, goyng vp to Hierusale, toke the twelue disciples asyde in the way, and sayde vnto them:
20:18Beholde, we go vp to Hierusalem, and the sonne of man shalbe betrayed vnto the chiefe priestes, and vnto the scribes, and they shall condempne hym to death:
20:19And shall deliuer him to the Gentiles to be mocked, and to be scourged, and to be crucified: and the thirde day, he shall ryse agayne.
20:20Then came to hym the mother of Zebedees chyldren, with her sonnes, worshyppyng hym, and desiryng a certayne thyng of hym.
20:21And he sayth vnto her: what wylt thou? She saith vnto him: graunt, that these my two sonnes may syt, the one on thy ryght hande, and the other on the left, in thy kyngdome.
20:22But Iesus aunswered, and saide: Ye wote not what ye aske. Are ye able to drynke of the cuppe that I shall drynke of? and to be baptized with the baptisme that I am baptized with? They say vnto hym: we are able.
20:23He sayth vnto them: Ye shall drynke in deede of my cuppe, and be baptized with the baptisme that I am baptized with: But to syt on my ryght hande, & on my lefte, is not myne to geue, but to them for whom it is prepared for of my father.
20:24And when the ten hearde [this], they disdayned at the two brethren.
20:25But Iesus called them vnto him, and sayde: Ye know that the princes of the gentiles haue dominion ouer them: and they that are great, exercise aucthoritie vpon them.
20:26It shall not be so among you: But whosoeuer wyll be great among you, let hym be your minister:
20:27And who so wyl be chiefe among you, let hym be your seruaunt.
20:28Euen as the sonne of man came, not to be ministred vnto, but to minister, and to geue his lyfe a raunsome for many.
20:29And as they departed from Hierico, much people folowed hym.
20:30And behold, two blind men syttyng by the waye syde, when they hearde that Iesus passed by, they cryed, saying: O Lorde, thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercie on vs.
20:31And the people rebuked them, because they should holde their peace. But they cryed the more, saying: haue mercy on vs, O Lorde, thou sonne of Dauid.
20:32And Iesus stode styll, & called them, and sayde: what wyll ye that I shall do vnto you?
20:33They saye vnto hym? Lord, that our eyes may be opened.
20:34So Iesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediatly theyr eyes receaued syght. And they folowed hym.
Bishops Bible 1568

Bishops Bible 1568

The Bishops' Bible was produced under the authority of the established Church of England in 1568. It was substantially revised in 1572, and the 1602 edition was prescribed as the base text for the King James Bible completed in 1611. The thorough Calvinism of the Geneva Bible offended the Church of England, to which almost all of its bishops subscribed. They associated Calvinism with Presbyterianism, which sought to replace government of the church by bishops with government by lay elders. However, they were aware that the Great Bible of 1539 , which was the only version then legally authorized for use in Anglican worship, was severely deficient, in that much of the Old Testament and Apocrypha was translated from the Latin Vulgate, rather than from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In an attempt to replace the objectionable Geneva translation, they circulated one of their own, which became known as the Bishops' Bible.