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The Great Bible 1539



2:1When the fyftye dayes were come to an ende, they were all with one accorde together in one place.
2:2And sodenly ther came a sounde from heauen, as it had bene the commynge of a myghty wynde, and it fylled all the house where they sate.
2:3And there appered vnto them clouen tonges, lyke as they had bene of fyer, and it sate vpon eache one of them:
2:4and they were all fylled with the holy goost, and beganne to speake with other tonges, euen as the same sprete gaue them vtteraunce.
2:5Ther were dwellyng at Ierusalem, Iewes, deuoute men, out of euery nacyon of them that are vnder heauen.
2:6When thys was noysed aboute, the multitude came together, & were astonnyed, because that euery man hearde them speake with his awne langage.
2:7They wondred all, and marueyled, sayinge among them selues: beholde, are not all these which speake, of Galile?
2:8And how heare we euery man his awne tong, wherin we were borne?
2:9Parthians, and Medes and Elamytes, and the inhabiters of Mesopotamia, and of Iury, and of Capadocia, of Ponthus and Asia,
2:10Phrygia, and Pamphilia, of Egypte, and of the partyes of Lybia which is besyd? Syren, and straungers of Rome, Iewes & Proselites.
2:11Grekes and Arabians: we haue herd them speake in oure awne tonges the greate worckes of God.
2:12They were all amased, and wondred sayinge one to another: what meaneth this?
2:13Other mocked, sayinge: these men are full of new wyne.
2:14But Peter stepped forth with the eleuen, and lyft vp his voyce, and sayde vnto them: Ye men of Iewrye, and all ye that dwell at Ierusalem: be this knowen vnto you, & with youre eares heare my wordes.
2:15For these are not droncken, as ye suppose, seynge it is but the thyrde houre of the daye.
2:16But this it that which was spoken by the Prophete Iohel:
2:17And it shalbe in the last dayes, sayth God: of my sprete I wyll poore out vpon all flesshe. And youre sonnes & youre daughters shall prophesy, and youre yonge men shall se vysyons, and youre olde men shall dreame dreames.
2:18And on my seruauntes, & on my hande maydens I wyll poore out of my sprete in those dayes, and they shall prophesye.
2:19And I wyll shewe wonders in heauen aboue, and tokens in the erth beneth, bloud and fyre and the vapour of smoke.
2:20The sunne shalbe turned into darcknes, & the moone into bloude, before that great and notable daye of the Lorde come.
2:21And it shall come to passe, that whosoeuer shall call on the name of the Lorde, shalbe saued.
2:22Ye men of Israel, heare these wordes: Iesus of Nazareth a man aproued of God amonge you with myracles, wonders and sygnes, which God dyd by hym in the myddes of you (as ye youre selues knowe)
2:23hym haue ye taken by the handes of vnryghtewes persones, after he was delyuered by the determinat counsell & foreknowledge of God, & haue crucifyed and slayne him:
2:24whom God hath raysed vp, & loosed the sorowes of deeth, because it was vnpossible, that he shulde be holden of it.
2:25For Dauid speaketh of him. A fore hande I sawe God alwayes before me: for he is on my ryght hande, that I shulde not be moued.
2:26Therfore dyd my hert reioyce, & my tonge was glad. Moreouer also my flesshe shall rest in hope,
2:27because thou wilt not leaue my soule in hell, nether wilt thou suffre thine holye to se corrupcion.
2:28Thou hast shewed me the wayes of lyfe, thou shalt make me full of ioye with thy countenaunce.
2:29Ye men and brethren, let me frely speake vnto you of the patriarke Dauid: For he is both deed and buryed, and hys sepulchre remayneth with vs vnto this daye.
2:30Therfore, seinge he was a Prophet, and knewe that God had sworne with an othe to him, that Christ (as concerninge the flessh) shulde come of the frute of his loynes, and on hys seat,
2:31he knowyng this before, spake of the resurreccyon of Chryst, that his soule shulde not be left in hell: nether hys flesshe shulde se corrupcyon.
2:32This Iesus hath God raysed vp, wherof we all are witnesses.
2:33Sence now that he by the ryght hande of God exalted is, and hath receaued of the father the promyse of the holy Goost, he hath sheed forth thys which ye now se and heare.
2:34For Dauid is not ascendyd into heuen: but he sayeth: The Lord sayde to my Lorde: syt thou on my ryght hand,
2:35vntyll I make thy fooes thy fote stole.
2:36So therfore, let all the house of Israel knowe for a suerty, that God hath made that same Iesus (whom ye haue crucified) Lorde and Chryst.
2:37When they hearde this, they were pricked in their hertes, and sayd vnto Peter, & vnto the other Apostles: Ye men & brethren what shall we do?
2:38Peter sayde vnto them: repent of youre synnes, and be baptysed euery one of you in the name of Iesus Chryst for the remission of synnes, and ye shall receaue the gyfte of the holy goost.
2:39For the promyse was made vnto you and to youre chyldren, and to all that are a farre of, euen as many as the Lorde oure God shall call.
2:40And with many other wordes bare he witnes, and exhorted them, sayinge: Saue youre selues from this vntowarde generacion.
2:41Then they that gladly receaued his preachinge, were baptised: and the same daye, ther were added vnto them aboute thre thousande soules.
2:42And they continued in the Apostles doctrine and felowshyp, & in breakynge of bread, and in prayers.
2:43And feare came ouer euery soule. And many wondres & signes were shewed by the Apostles.
2:44And all that beleued, kept them selues together, & had all thynges commen,
2:45and solde their possessions and goodes, and parted them to all men, as euery man had nede.
2:46And they continued dayly with one accorde in the temple, & brake bread from house to house, & dyd eate their meate together, wt gladnes & singlenes of hert,
2:47praysinge God, and had fauour with all the people. And the Lorde added to the congregacion dayly, soch as shulde be saued.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."