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The Great Bible 1539



14:1And it fortuned in Iconium, that they went both together into the synagoge of the Iewes, and so spake, that a greate multytude both of the Iewes and also of the Grekes beleued.
14:2But the vnbeleuyng Iewes, steryd vp, and vnquieted the myndes of the gentyls agaynste the brethren.
14:3Longe tyme abode they there, and quyt them selues boldly with the helpe of the Lord, which gaue testimony vnto the worde of his grace, & graunted sygnes and wondres to be done by their handes.
14:4But the multitude of the cytie was deuyded: and parte helde with the Iewes, & parte with the Apostles.
14:5When ther was an assaute made both of the Gentyles & also of the Iewes with their rulers, to do them violence, and to stone them
14:6they were ware of it, and fled vnto Lystra and Derba, cyties of Lycaonia, and vnto the regyon that lyeth ronnde aboute,
14:7and there preached the Gospell.
14:8And ther sate a certayne man at Lystra weake in hys fete, beynge creple from his mothers wombe, and neuer had walked.
14:9The same hearde Paul preache. Which beholdynge hym, and perceauynge that he had fayth to be whole,
14:10sayd with a loude voyce: stande vpryght on thy fete: And he stert vp, and walked.
14:11And when the people sawe what Paul had done, they lyfte vp their voyces, sayinge in the speache of Lycaonia: Goddes are come downe to vs in the lyknes of men.
14:12And they called Barnabas Iupiter, and Paul Mercurius, because he was the preacher,
14:13Then Iupiters preste, which dwelt before their cytie, brought oxen and garlandes vnto the porche, and wolde haue done sacryfice with the people.
14:14Which when the Apostles, Barnabas and Paul herde of, they rent their clothes, and ran in amonge the people, cryinge
14:15and sayinge: syrs why do ye this? We are mortall men like vnto you, and preache vnto you, that ye shulde turne from these vanyties vnto the lyuinge God, which made heauen and erth and the see and all thynges that are ther in:
14:16the which in tymes past suffred all nacyons to walcke in theyr awne wayes.
14:17Neuerthelesse, he left not hym selfe withoute wytnes, in that he shewed hys beuefytes from heauen, in geuynge vs rayne and frutefull ceasons, fyllyng oure hertes with fode and gladnes.
14:18And with these sayinges, sease refrayned they the people, that they had not done sacryfyce vnto them.
14:19Thyther came certayne Iewes from Antioche and Iconium: which (whan they had obtayned the peoples consent and had stoned Paul) drew him out of the cytie, suppoge he had bene deed.
14:20Howbeit as the disciples stode rounde about him, he arose vp, and came into the cytie. And the nexte daye he departed with Barnabas to Derba.
14:21And whan they had preached to that cytie, & had taught many, they returned agayne to Lystra, and to Iconium and Antioche,
14:22and strengthed the discyples soules agayne, and exhorted them to contynue in the fayth affirmynge that we must thorowe moche tribulacyon enntre into the kyngdome of God.
14:23And whan they had ordened them elders by eleccyon in euery congregacyon, and had prayde and fasted, they commended them to the Lorde on whom they beleued.
14:24And whan they had gone thorowe out Pisidia, they came to Pamphilia,
14:25& whan they had preached the worde in Perga, they descended into the cyte Attalia,
14:26and thence departed by shyppe to Antioche from whence they were committed vnto the grace of God to the worcke which they fulfylled.
14:27When they were come, and had gathered the congregacion together, they rehersed all that God had doue by them and how he had opened the dore of fayth vnto the Gentyls.
14:28And there they abode longe tyme with the discyples.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."