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The Great Bible 1539



27:1When it was concluded, that we shuld sayle into Italy they delyuered both Paul & certayne other presoners, vnto one named Iulius, an vndercaptayne of Cesars soudiars.
27:2And we entred into a shyp of Adramicium, and loosed from land, apoynted to sayle by the coastes of Asia, one Aristarcus out of Macedonia, of the contre of Thessalonia taryinge styll with vs.
27:3And the nexte daye we came to Sidon. And Iulius courteously entreated Paul, and gaue him lyberte, to go vnto his frendes, & to refresshe hym selfe.
27:4And whan we had launched from thence, we sayled harde by Cypers, because the wyndes were contrarye.
27:5And whan we had sayled ouer the see of Cylicia, & Pamphilia, we cam to Myra whych is in Lycia.
27:6And there the vndercaptayne founde a shyppe of Alexandria ready, that sayled into Italy, and he put vs therin.
27:7And when we had sayled slowly many dayes, and scace were come ouer agaynst Guydon (because the wynde wyth stode vs) we sayled harde by the coaste of Candy, ouer agaynst Salmo,
27:8and wyth moche worke sayled beyonde it, & came vnto a place which is called the fayre hauens. Nye wher vnto was the cytie of Lasea
27:9when moche tyme was spent, and whan sayling was now ieoperdous, because also that they had ouerlonge fasted, Paul put them in remembraunce,
27:10and sayd vnto them: Syrs I perceaue, that thys viage wilbe wyth hurte and moche damage, not of the ladynge and shyp onely, but also of your lyues:
27:11Neuerthelesse the vnder captayne beleued the gouerner & the master of the shyp more then those thynges whych were spoken of Paul.
27:12And because the hauen was not commodious to wynter in, many toke counsell to departe thence, yf by eny meanes they myght attayne to Phenices & there to wynter, whych is an hauen of Candy, and lyeth toward the southwest and north west wynde.
27:13When the south wynde blewe, they supposynge to obtayne their purpose, loosed vnto Asson, and sayled past all Candy.
27:14But not long after, ther arose agaynst theyr purpose, a flawe of wynde out of the northeast.
27:15And when the shyp was caught & could not resyst the wynde, we let her go, and draue with the wether.
27:16But we were caryed in to an yle whych is named Clauda, and had moche worke to come by a bote,
27:17whych they toke vp, and vsed helpe, & made fast the shyppe, fearinge, lest they shuld fall into the Syrtes. And so they let downe a vessell, and were caryed.
27:18The nexte daye (when we were tossed wyth an exceadinge tempest) they lyghttened the shyp,
27:19and the thyrde daye we cast out wyth oure awne handes the taklynge of the shippe.
27:20When at the last, nether the sunne nor starres in many dayes appeared, and no small tempest laye vpon vs, all hope that we shuld escape, was then taken awaye.
27:21But after longe abstynence, Paul stode forth in the myddes of them, & sayde: Syrs, ye shulde haue harkened to me, and not haue loosed from Candy, nether to haue brought vnto vs thys harme & losse.
27:22And now I exhorte you to be of good chere. For ther shalbe no losse of eny mans lyfe amonge you, saue of the ship onely.
27:23For ther stode by me thys nyght the angell of God, whose I am, and who I serue,
27:24saying: feare not Paul thou must be brought before Cesar, And lo, God hath geuen the all them that sayle wyth the.
27:25Wherfore syrs be of good chere: for I beleue God, that it shalbe euen as it was tolde me.
27:26How be it we must be cast into a certayne ylonde:
27:27But when the fourtenth nyght was come (as we were sayling in Adria about mydnyght) the shypmen demed, that ther appeared some countre vnto them:
27:28and sounded, & founde it .xx. feddoms. And when they had gone a lytell further, they sounded agayne, and founde .xv. feddoms.
27:29Then fearynge lest they shuld haue fallen on some rocke, they cast .iiij. ancres out of the sterne, and wysshed for the daye.
27:30As the shypmen were about to flee out of the shyp (whan they had let downe the bote into the see, vnder a couloure, as though they wolde haue cast ancres out of the forshippe)
27:31Paul sayde vnto the vndercaptayne and to the soudyers: excepte these abyde in the shypye cannot be safe.
27:32Then the soudyers cut of the rope of the bote, and let it fall awaye.
27:33And whan the daye beganne to appeare, Paul besought them all to take meate, sayinge: thys is the fourtenth daye, that ye haue taryed and contynued fastynge, receauynge nothing at all.
27:34Wherfore, I praye you to take meate: for this no dout is for youre helth: for ther shall not an heer fall from the heed of eny of you.
27:35And when he had thus spoken, he toke breed and gaue thankes to God in presence of them all: and whan he had broken it, he beganne to eate.
27:36Then were they all of good cheare, and they also toke meate.
27:37We were all together in the shyp, two hundred threscore and syxtene soules.
27:38And when they had eaten ynough, they lyghtened the shyp, and cast out the wheate in to the see.
27:39When it was daye, they knew not the lande, but they spyed a certayne hauen with a bancke, into the whych they were mynded (if it were possyble) to thrust in the shyp.
27:40And when they had taken vp the ancres, they committed them selues vnto the see, and lowsed the rudder bondes and hoysed vp the mayne sayle to the wynde, and drue to lande.
27:41And whan they chaunced on a place, whych had the see on both the sydes, they thrust in the shyp. And the foreparte stucke fast and moued not, but the hynder parte brake wyth the violence of the waues.
27:42The Soudyars councell was to kyll the presoners, lest eny of them, when he had swome out, shulde ronne awaye.
27:43But the vndercaptayne wyllinge to saue Paul, kept them from theyr purpose, and commaunded that they whych coulde swymme, shulde cast them selues fyrst into the see, and scape to lande.
27:44And the other he commaunded to go, some on bordes, and some on broken peces of the shyp. And so it came to passe, that they escaped all safe to lande.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."