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Bishops Bible 1568



18:1O that lande that trusteth vnder the shadow of wynges, that lande which is beyonde the waters of Ethiopia
18:2Sendyng messengers by the sea, euen in vessels of reedes ouer the water, Get you hence ye speedy messengers to a nation that is scattered abrode, and robbed of that they had, a fearefull people from their begynnyng hytherto, a nation troden downe by litle and litle, whose lande the fluddes haue spoyled
18:3All the inhabitours of the worlde, and indwellers of the earth, loke vp whe he setteth vp a token in the mountaynes, and hearken when he bloweth with the trumpe
18:4For so the Lorde sayde vnto me as for me I wyll take my rest, and loke vpon the matter in my habitation, lyke a faire heate after the rayne, and lyke a cloude of deawe in the heate of haruest
18:5For afore the haruest whe the braunch is growen, there shall come ripe fruite of the floure: and he shal cut downe the increase with sithes, and the braunches shall he take away with hookes
18:6Thus shall they be left together vnto the soules of the mountaines, and to the beastes of the earth: for in sommer the birdes shall remayne vpon it, and euery beast of the lande shalbe vpon it in wynter
18:7In that tyme shall there a present be brought vnto the Lord of hoastes, euen a people that is scattered abrode and robbed of that they had, that same people which haue ben fearfull from their begynnyng hytherto, a nation troden downe by litle and litle, whose lande the fluddes haue spoyled, to the place of the name of the Lorde of hoastes, euen to the mount Sion
Bishops Bible 1568

Bishops Bible 1568

The Bishops' Bible was produced under the authority of the established Church of England in 1568. It was substantially revised in 1572, and the 1602 edition was prescribed as the base text for the King James Bible completed in 1611. The thorough Calvinism of the Geneva Bible offended the Church of England, to which almost all of its bishops subscribed. They associated Calvinism with Presbyterianism, which sought to replace government of the church by bishops with government by lay elders. However, they were aware that the Great Bible of 1539 , which was the only version then legally authorized for use in Anglican worship, was severely deficient, in that much of the Old Testament and Apocrypha was translated from the Latin Vulgate, rather than from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In an attempt to replace the objectionable Geneva translation, they circulated one of their own, which became known as the Bishops' Bible.