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The Great Bible 1539



22:1And Iesus answered, & spake vnto them agayne by parables and sayde.
22:2The kyngdome of heauen is lyke vnto a man that was a kynge, whych made a mariage for hys sonne
22:3& sent forth his seruauntes, to call them that were byd to the weddynge, & they wolde not come.
22:4Agayne, he sent forth other seruauntes sayinge: Tell them whych are bydden: beholde, I haue prepared my dynner: my oxen & my fatlynges are kylled, & all thinges are ready, come vnto the mariage.
22:5But they made lyght of it, & went their wayes: one to his ferme place, another to hys marchaundise,
22:6& the remnaunt toke his seruauntes, & intreated them shamefully and slewe them.
22:7But when the kyng hearde therof, he was wroth, & sent forth his men of warre & destroyed those murtherers, and brent vp theyr cytie.
22:8Then sayd he to his seruauntes: the mariage in dede is prepared. But they whych were bydden, were not worthy.
22:9Goo ye therfore out into the hye wayes: & as many as ye fynde byd them to the mariage.
22:10And the seruauntes went out into the hye wayes, & gathered together all, as many as they coulde fynde, both good & bad, & the weddynge was furnisshed with gestes.
22:11Then the kyng came in, to se the gestes, & whan he spyed there a man, whych had not on a weddynge garment,
22:12he sayd vnto hym: frende, how camest thou in hyther not hauyng a weddynge garment? And he was euen spechlesse.
22:13Then sayd the king to the ministers: take & bynde him hand and fote, & cast hym into vtter darcknes there shall be wepynge & gnasshynge of teth.
22:14For many be called but feaw are chosen.
22:15Then went the pharises, & toke counsell how they myght tangle him in his wordes.
22:16And they sent out vnto hym theyr discyples wyth Herodes seruauntes, sayinge: Master, we knowe that thou art true, & teachest the waye of God truely, nether carest thou for eny man, for thou regardest not the outward appearaunce of men.
22:17Tell vs therfore: how thynkest thou? Is it lawfull the trybute be geuen vnto Cesar or not?
22:18But Iesus perceauyng theyr wyckednes, sayde: Why tempte ye me ye ypocrites?
22:19Shewe me the tribute mony. And they toke him a peny.
22:20And he sayde vnto them: whose is this ymage & superscripcion?
22:21They saye vnto him, Cesars. Then sayd he vnto them. Geue therfore vnto Cesar, the thinges whych are Cesars: & vnto God, those thinges that are Gods
22:22When they had hearde these wordes, they marueled, & left hym, & went theyr waye.
22:23The same daye came to him the Saduces (which saye that there is no resurreccion) & asked him
22:24sayinge: Master, Moses sayde: that yf a man dye hauynge no chylde, hys brother shulde mary hys wyfe, & reyse vp seed vnto his brother.
22:25Ther were with vs seuen brethren: & the fyrste maried a wyfe, & deceased wtout yssue & lefte his wyfe vnto his brother.
22:26Lykewyse, the seconde & the thyrd, vnto the seuenth.
22:27Laste of all the woman dyed also.
22:28Therfore, in the resurreccion, whose wyfe shall she be of the seuen? For they all had her.
22:29Iesus answered & sayde vnto them: ye do erre, not knowinge the scriptures, nor the power of God.
22:30For in the resurreccyon, they nether mary, nor are maryed but are as the Angels in heauen.
22:31But as touchyng the resurreccyon of the deed: haue ye not red that which is spoken vnto you of God, whych sayth:
22:32I am the God of Abraham & the God of Isaac, & the God of Iacob? God is not a God of deed, but of lyuinge.
22:33And when the people heard this, they were astonnyed at his doctryne.
22:34But when the pharises had heard, that he had put the Saduces to sylence, they came together,
22:35& one of them which was (a doctour of lawe) asked him a question, temptinge him, & saying:
22:36Master, which is the greate commaundement in the lawe?
22:37Iesus sayd vnto hym: Thou shalt loue the Lord thy God wyth all thy herte, and wyth all thy soule, & wyth all thy mynde.
22:38This is the fyrst & greate commaundement.
22:39And the seconde is lyke vnto it. Thou shalt loue thyne neyboure as thy self.
22:40In these two commaundementes hange all the lawe and the Prophetes.
22:41Whyle the Pharises were gathered together, Iesus asked them,
22:42saying: what thynke ye of Chryst? Whose sonne is he? They saye vnto him: the sonne of Dauid.
22:43He sayde vnto them how then doeth Dauid in sprete, call him Lorde sayinge:
22:44The Lord sayd vnto my Lorde syt the on my ryght hande tyll I make thyne enemyes thy foote stoole.
22:45If Dauid then, call him Lord, how is he then his sonne?
22:46And no man was able to answere him anye thing: nether durste eny man (from that daye forth) aske him any moo questions.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."