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Variations Between the Textus Receptus and the King James Bible

The table below shows a complete list of differences between the text that underlies the King James version and the texts of Stephanus 1550 and Beza 1598 Textus Receptus. Readings that do not support the KJV are marked with a cross.

For each item, where the reading of the KJV is not supported by both the Stephanus 1550 and the Beza 1598, the source column indicates at least one of the following sources that supports the KJV reading:

  • Complutensian Polyglot 1522
  • Clementine Vulgate 1592
  • Erasmus New Testament 1516
  • Tyndale Bible 1534
  • Bishops' Bible 1568
  • Geneva Bible 1560
  • Where a question mark appears support for the KJV reading is unknown.
Reference Variant Stephanus Beza Support
Mat 1:23.Read "thou shalt call" instead of "they shall call."
Mat 2:11.Read "they found" instead of "they saw."
Mat 8:23.Add "the" before "a ship" and render 'the ship.'
Mat 9:4.Read "seeing" instead of "knowing."
Mat 9:18.Omit "certain" before "ruler."
Mat 10:10.Read "a staff" instead of "staves."
Mat 13:2.Add "the" before "a ship" and render 'the ship.'
Mat 13:24.Read "sowing" instead of "which sowed."
Mat 14:22.Add "the" before "ship" and render 'the ship.'
Mat 20:15.Add "or" before "Is it not lawful."
Mat 20:15.Add "or" before "is thine eye."
Mat 21:7.Read "he sat" instead of "they set [him]."
Mat 23:13.Transpose "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in [yourselves], neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in" to after verse 14.
Mat 23:14.Transpose "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation" to before verse 13.
Mark 1:21.Omit "the" before "synagogue" and render 'a synagogue.'
Mark 4:18.Read "thorns; these are they that" instead of "thorns; such as."
Mark 5:38.Omit "and" after "tumult."
Mark 7:3.Read "wash [their] hands with the fist" (perhaps render 'diligently') instead of "wash [their] hands oft."
Mark 8:14.Add "the disciples" and render 'the disciples had forgotten' without italics.
Mark 8:24.Add "for I behold [them]" before "as trees."
Mark 9:40.Read "against you is on your" instead of "against us is on our."
Mark 10:25.Read "to enter through the eye" instead of "to go through the eye."
Mark 12:20.Omit "Now" before "there were seven."
Mark 13:9.Read "stand" instead of "be brought."
Mark 13:37.Read "the things I say" instead of "what I say."
Mark 14:43.Add "being" before "one of the twelve."
Mark 14:69.Add "the" and render 'the maid.'
Mark 15:3.Omit "but he answered nothing" at end of verse.
Mark 15:40.Add "also" (ERV 'both') before "Mary Magdalene."
Mark 16:14.Add "And" before "Afterward."
Mark 16:20.Omit "Amen" at end of verse.
Luke 1:26.Read "by God" instead of "from God."
Luke 1:35.Omit "of thee" after "born."
Luke 2:22.Read "their purification" instead of "her purification."
Luke 6:16.Omit "and" before "Judas [the brother] of James."
Luke 6:37.Add "and" before "Judge" at beginning of verse.
Luke 7:45.Read "she came" instead of "I came."
Luke 8:29.Read "he was commanding" instead of "he commanded" (KJV 'he had commanded').
Luke 8:31.Read "he besought" instead of "they besought."
Luke 10:6.Omit "the" and render 'a son.'
Luke 10:22.Add "and having turned to the disciples he said" at beginning of verse.
Luke 11:49.Read "drive out" instead of "persecute."
Luke 12:1.Repunctuate "say unto his disciples first of all, Beware" to "say unto his disciples, First of all beware."
Luke 12:13.Transpose "one of the company said unto him" to "one said to him from the company."
Luke 12:56.Transpose "of the sky and of the earth" to "of the earth and of the sky."
Luke 15:26.Add "his" and render 'his servant.'
Luke 17:35.Omit "the" before "one."
Luke 17:36.Omit "Two [men] shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left" (the entire verse).
Luke 18:11.Transpose "standing thus by himself was praying" (KJV 'stood and prayed thus with himself') to "standing by himself thus was praying."
Luke 20:31.Omit "and" after "also" and so render 'also left' instead of 'also. And they left.'
Luke 20:35.Read "are accounted" instead of "shall be accounted."
Luke 22:17.Omit "the" before "cup" and render 'a cup.'
Luke 22:45.Omit "his" and render 'the disciples.'
Luke 23:42.Read "in" instead of "into."
Luke 23:46.Read "I will commend" instead of "I commend."
John 4:31.Omit "his" and render 'the disciples.'
John 7:3.Add "thy" and render 'thy works that thou doest.'
John 7:50.Read "him" instead of "Jesus."
John 7:52.Read "hath arisen" instead of "ariseth."
John 8:6.Adds "as though he heard them not" at end of verse, and render without italics.
John 8:42.Add "Therefore" before "Jesus said."
John 10:16.Read "one flock" instead of "one fold."
John 11:19.Read "came to those [women] around Martha and Mary" instead of "came to Martha and Mary."
John 12:17.Read "bare record that he called Lazarus out of his grave, and raised him from the dead" instead of "when he called Lazarus out of his grave, and raised him from the dead, bare record."
John 12:26.Add "and" before "if any man serve me, him will [my] Father honour."
John 13:31.Omit "Therefore" before "when."
John 14:23.Read "word" instead of "words."
John 16:33.Read "ye have tribulation" instead of "ye shall have tribulation."
John 18:15.Add "the" before "another" and render 'the other disciple.'
John 18:20.Read "the Jews round about" instead of "the Jews always."
John 18:24.Omit "Now" (ERV 'Therefore') before "Annas."
John 21:12.Read "Christ" instead of "the Lord."
Acts 1:4.Add "with them" after "assembled together" and render without italics.
Acts 2:36.Omit "both" before "Lord."
Acts 2:38.Read "upon the name" instead of "in the name."
Acts 3:3.Add "to receive" before "an alms."
Acts 4:25.Read "who by the Holy Ghost, [by] the mouth of our father David thy servant, hast said" instead of "who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said."
Acts 4:27.Add "in this city" after "of a truth."
Acts 4:36.Read "Joseph" instead of "Joses."
Acts 5:12.Read "many signs and wonders came to pass" instead of "were many signs and wonders wrought."
Acts 6:3.Read "we will appoint" instead of "we may appoint."
Acts 7:2.Read "your" instead of "our."
Acts 7:44.Read "the tabernacle of witness was among our fathers" instead of "Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness."
Acts 8:13.Transpose "miracles and signs" to "signs and miracles."
Acts 8:28.Add "and" after "chariot" and render 'in his chariot, and he was reading.'
Steph 1549
Acts 9:15.Omit "the" before "Gentiles."
Acts 10:20.Read "But arise" instead of "Arise therefore."
Acts 16:7.Add "of Jesus" after "Spirit."
Acts 16:17.Read "shew unto you" instead of "shew unto us."
Acts 17:25.Read "in every [respect]" instead of "and all things."
Acts 17:30.Omit "this" before "ignorance."
Acts 18:6.Repunctuate "I [am] clean: from henceforth I will gounto the Gentiles" to "I from henceforth clean will go unto the Gentiles."
Acts 19:20.Read "of the Lord" instead of "of God."
Acts 21:4.Add "the" before "disciples."
Acts 21:8.Read "they came" instead of "we came."
Acts 21:11.Omit "and" before "bound."
Acts 21:11.Omit "his own" after "bound."
Acts 22:25.Read "he bound" instead of "they bound."
Acts 24:8.Omit "these things" after "all."
Acts 24:13.Add "[against] me" after "prove."
Acts 24:18.Add "but" before "certain Jews" and render 'they found me purified in the temple, neither with multitude, nor with tumult: but certain Jews, who.'
Acts 24:25.Read "was terrified" instead of "trembled."
Acts 25:5.Omit "amiss" (KJV 'wickedness') after "any" and render 'anything in.'
Acts 25:6.Read "not more than eight or ten" instead of "more than ten."
Acts 26:3.Add "I know" before "thee to be" and render without italics.
Acts 26:6.Omit "our" and render 'the fathers.'
Acts 26:18.Read "and" instead of "so" before "to turn" and render without italics.
Acts 26:20.Read "shewing" instead of "(I) shewed."
Acts 27:3.Omit "the" (KJV 'his') before "friends."
Acts 27:29.Read "they should have fallen" instead of "we should have fallen."
Rom 1:29.Transpose "fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness" to "maliciousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness."
Rom 5:17.Read "by one offence" instead of "by one man's offence."
Rom 6:3.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Rom 6:11.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Rom 6:23.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Rom 7:6.Read "we having died [to that]" instead of "that being dead."
Rom 8:11.Read "because of his Spirit that dwelleth in you" instead of "by his Spirit, that dwelleth in you."
Rom 8:20.Repunctuate "subjected [the same] in hope, because" to "subjected [it], in hope that."
Rom 9:5.Repunctuate "Christ [came], who is over all, God blessed forever" to "Christ [came], who is blessed God over all for ever."
Rom 11:28.Add "Therefore" at beginning of verse.
Rom 12:11.Read "serving in season" instead of "serving the Lord."
Rom 14:2.Omit "For" at beginning of verse.
Rom 16:20.Omit "Amen" at end of verse.
Rom 16:27.Add "to whom" after "Jesus Christ" and render 'through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory' instead of '[be] glory through Jesus Christ.'
1 Cor 1:4.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
1 Cor 2:11.Read "seeth" instead of "knoweth" twice.
1 Cor 3:3.Read "among us" instead of "among you."
1 Cor 7:29.Add "because" before "the time [is] short."
1 Cor 10:28.Omit "and" before "for conscience sake."
1 Cor 11:27.Read "or drink" instead of "and drink."
1 Cor 15:31.Read "our rejoicing" instead of "your rejoicing."
1 Cor 15:55.   Transpose "victory" and "sting."
1 Cor 16:23.Omit "our" and render 'the Lord.'
2 Cor 1:6.Read "for your consolation and salvation, or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer. (7) And our hope of you is stedfast; knowing."
2 Cor 3:1.Read "if not, need we" instead of "or need we."
2 Cor 3:14.Repunctuate to "the same veil at the reading of the old testament remains, not unveiled that [it] is done away in Christ."
2 Cor 5:4.Read "since we would not be unclothed" instead of "not for that we would be unclothed."
2 Cor 6:15.Read "Beliar" instead of "Belial."
2 Cor 7:12.Read "your care for us" instead of "our care for you."
2 Cor 7:16.Omit "therefore" after "rejoice."
2 Cor 8:24.Omit "and" after "shew ye to them."
2 Cor 10:10.Read "saith he" instead of "say they."
2 Cor 11:1.Read "bear with me in some little folly" instead of "bear with me a little in [my] folly."
2 Cor 11:10.Read "seal" instead of "stop."
2 Cor 13:4.Omit "also" before "are weak."
Gal 2:16.Transpose "believed in Jesus Christ" to "believed in Christ Jesus."
Gal 3:14.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Gal 4:15.Read "What" instead of "Where" at beginning of verse.
Gal 4:17.Read "exclude us" instead of "exclude you."
Gal 5:6.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Eph 1:3.Read "with Christ" instead of "in Christ."
Eph 3:1.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Eph 6:7.Omit "as" before "to the Lord."
Phil 1:23.Add "for" after "Christ" and render 'for it is far better.'
Phil 2:21.Transpose "Jesus Christ's" to "Christ Jesus'."
Phil 2:24.Add "unto you" after "come."
Phil 3:20.Read "But" instead of "For" at beginning of verse.
Phil 4:12.Read "And I know" instead of "I know both" at beginning of verse.
Col 1:2.Add "Jesus" after "in Christ."
Col 1:24.Omit "who" and render 'Now I rejoice' instead of 'who now rejoice.'
Col 2:13.Read "forgiven us" instead of "forgiven you."
Col 4:10.Read "of Barnabas" instead of "to Barnabas."
1 Th 1:9.Read "we have" instead of "we had."
1 Th 2:12.Read "calleth" instead of "hath called."
1 Th 2:15.Read "persecuted you" instead of "persecuted us."
1 Th 2:16.Read "but the wrath" instead of "for the wrath."
1 Tim 1:2.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
1 Tim 1:4.Read "a dispensation of God" instead of "godly edifying."
2 Tim 1:18.Omit "unto me" after "ministered."
2 Tim 2:22.Read "Christ" instead of "the Lord."
Titus 2:7.Omit "sincerity" after "gravity."
Titus 2:10.Read "your Saviour" instead of "our Saviour."
Phile 1:1.Transpose "Jesus Christ" to "Christ Jesus."
Phile 1:7.Read "great thankfulness" instead of "great joy."
Heb 4:15.Read "taught by trial" instead of "tempted."
Heb 9:1.Add "tabernacle" and render 'first tabernacle.'
Heb 9:2.Re-accent "called the sanctuary" to "called holy."
Heb 9:28.Add "also" after "so" at beginning of verse.
Heb 10:2.Omit "not" and render 'For then they would have ceased to be offered. Because.'
Heb 10:10.Add "which is" before "of Jesus."
Heb 12:22.Repunctuate "to an innumerable company of angels, (23) To the general assembly and church of the firstborn" to "to an innumerable company [in] the general assembly of angels, and to the church of the firstborn."
James 2:18.Read "shew me thy faith by" instead of "shew me thy faith without."
James 2:19.Read "God is one" instead of "there is one God."
James 3:6.Add "our" before "nature."
James 3:14.Read "heart" instead of "hearts."
James 4:12.Add "the" before "lawgiver" and render 'One [only] is the lawgiver.'
James 4:13.Read "and to morrow" instead of "or to morrow."
James 4:13.Read "we may go" instead of "we will go."
James 4:13.Read "(we may) continue" instead of "we will continue."
James 4:13.Read "(we may) buy and sell" instead of "we will buy and sell."
James 4:13.Read "(we may) get gain" instead of "we will get gain."
James 4:15.Read "and should we live, we also may do this" instead of "we shall live, and do this."
James 4:15.Read "and should we live, we also shall do this" instead of "we shall live, and do this."
James 5:12.Read "fall into hypocrisy" instead of "fall under condemnation."
1 Pet 1:4.Read "for us" instead of "for you."
1 Pet 2:13.Add "therefore" before "Submit."
1 Pet 2:21.Omit "even" before "hereunto."
1 Pet 3:21.Read "which in a like figure, [even] baptism, doth also now save" instead of "the like figure whereunto, [even] baptism, doth also now save."
1 Pet 5:10.Read "called you" instead of "called us."
2 Pet 1:1.Read "Simeon Peter" instead of "Simon Peter."
2 Pet 1:1.Read "righteousness of our God and Saviour Jesus" instead of "righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus."
2 Pet 1:1.Read "righteousness of our God and our Saviour Jesus" instead of "righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus."
2 Pet 1:21.Add "the" after "will of man: but."
2 Pet 2:9.Read "temptation" instead of "temptations."
2 Pet 3:7.Read "by his word" instead of "by the same word."
1 John 1:4.Read "our joy" instead of "your joy."
1 John 1:5.Read "promise" instead of "message."
1 John 2:23.Omit "[but] he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also" after "hath not the Father."
1 John 3:16.Add "of God" after "love" and render without italics.
1 John 3:20.Add "that" before "God" and render 'him, that if our heart condemn us, that [also] God is greater.'
2 John 1:1.Read "in truth" instead of "in the truth"
2 John 1:3.Read "Grace shall be with" instead of "(may) Grace be with."
2 John 1:3.Read "with us" instead of "with you."
2 John 1:9.Read "Christ's doctrine" instead of "the doctrine of Christ."
3 John 1:7.Read "the Name's sake" instead of "his name's sake."
Jude 1:12.Omit "you" after "feast with."
Jude 1:19.Omit "themselves" after "separate" and render 'make separations.'
Jude 1:24.Read "keep them" instead of "keep you."
Rev 1:11.Omit "seven" before "churches."
Rev 2:14.Add "through" before "Balac."
Rev 3:1.Omit "seven" before "spirits."
Rev 4:10.Read "shall worship him" instead of "worship him."
Rev 4:10.Read "shall cast their crowns" instead of "cast their crowns."
Rev 5:11.Omit "and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand" after "elders."
Rev 6:12.Add "whole" before "moon."
Rev 7:2.Read "having ascended" instead of "ascending."
Rev 7:10.Read "Salvation to him which sitteth upon the throne of our God, even unto the Lamb" instead of "Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb."
Rev 7:14.Read "and made their robes white" instead of "and made them white."
Rev 8:6.Read "angels, having the seven" instead of "angels which had the seven."
Rev 8:11.Omit "of the waters" after "third part."
Rev 9:19.Omit "and in their tails" after "mouth."
Rev 10:7.Add "even [then]" before "the mystery."
Rev 11:1.Omit "and the angel stood" before "saying" (ERV renders 'and one said').
Rev 11:2.Read "within" instead of "without."
Rev 13:3.Read "there was wonder in all the world" instead of "all the world wondered."
Rev 13:10.Read "If any man" instead of "He that."
Rev 14:18.Omit "of the vine" after "clusters."
Rev 16:4.Read "it became blood" (or 'there came blood') instead of "they became blood."
Rev 16:5.Read "and the holy one" instead of "and shalt be."
Rev 16:14.Read "miracles, to go forth" instead of "miracles, which go forth."
Rev 17:1.Add "the" before "many."
Rev 17:4.Omit "was" after "woman."
Rev 17:9.Omit "And" at beginning of verse.
Rev 18:1.Omit "another" after "I saw."
Rev 18:5.Read "sins followed" instead of "sins have reached."
Rev 19:14.Omit "which were" after "armies."
Rev 20:4.Add "the" before "thousand" and render 'the thousand years.'
Rev 21:13.Omit "and" before "on the west."
Rev 22:20.Read "and" instead of "Even so."


Note: To put these variances into context remember there are 7,957 verses in the New Testament. This list of variances shows us that only 1.3% of all the verse in the New Testament are not supported by either of the two main Textus Receptus manuscripts and only 2.1% are not supported by the Beza 1598. In total 7,709 NT verse in the KJV agree with the major Textus Receptus readings.