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Julia E. Smith Translation 1876



5:1And a certain man, Ananias by name, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession,
5:2And separated from the price, his wife also knowing; and having brought a certain part, laid at the feet of the sent.
5:3And Peter said, Ananias, wherefore filled Satan thy heart, for thee to belie the Holy Spirit, and separate from the price of the farm
5:4Remaining, did it not remain to thee? and sold, it was in thy power: for what hast thou put this thing in thy heart? thou hast not lied to men, but to God.
5:5And Ananias hearing these words, having fallen down, he expired: and great fear was upon all them hearing these things.
5:6And the younger having risen up, drew him together, and having carried out, interred.
5:7And there was an interval of about three hours, and his wife not knowing that done, came in.
5:8And Peter answered to her, Tell me, if for so much ye sold the farm? And she said, Yes, for so much.
5:9And Peter said to her, For what was it agreed by you to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them having interred thy husband at the door, and they shall carry thee out.
5:10And she fell immediately at his feet, and expired: and the young men having come in, found her dead, and having carried out, interred near her husband.
5:11And great fear was upon the whole church, and upon all having heard these things.
5:12And by the bands of the sent were many signs and wonders among the people; (and all were unanimously in Solomon's porch.
5:13And of them remaining none dared join them: but the people magnified them.
5:14And the believing were the more added to the Lord, multitudes of men and also of women.)
5:15So that the sick were brought into the streets, and laid upon beds and couches, that Peter coming, even the shadow might overshadow certain of them.
5:16And a multitude also came together of them all around the cities to Jerusalem, bringing the sick, and the molested by unclean spirits: who were all healed.
5:17And the chief priest having risen, and all they with him, (the sect being of the Sadducees,) they were filled with zeal,
5:18And put their hands upon the sent, and set them in the public keeping.
5:19And a messenger of the Lord by night opened the doors of the prison, and having brought them forth, said,
5:20Go ye, and having stood, speak in the temple all the words of this life.
5:21And having heard, they came in by morning to the temple, and taught. But the chief priest having approached, and they with him, called the council together, and all the assembly of the sons of Israel, and sent to the prison for them to be brought.
5:22And the attendants having come near, found them not in the prison, and having returned, they announced,
5:23Saying, That we truly found the prison shut with all security, and the watch standing without before the doors: and having opened, we found none within.
5:24And when the priest and captain of the temple and chief priests heard these words, they were in doubt of them, what this might be.
5:25And a certain one having come near, announced to them, saying, That, behold, the men which ye put in prison are standing in the temple, and teaching the people.
5:26Then the commander having gone with attendants, brought them, not with force: for they feared the people, lest they might be stoned.
5:27And having brought them, they set in the council: and the chief priest asked them,
5:28Saying, Did we not announce to you by order, not to teach by this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and ye desire to bring upon us this man's blood.
5:29And Peter having answered, and the sent, said, We must obey God rather than men.
5:30The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew with your own hands, having hung him upon a tree.
5:31This, God exalted, a Chief and Saviour, with his right hand to give repentance to Israel, and remission of sins.
5:32And we are his witnesses of these words; and the Holy Spirit, whom God gave to them obeying him.
5:33And having heard, they gnashed the teeth with rage, and consulted to kill them.
5:34And a certain Pharisee having risen up in the council, by name Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, honoured by all the people, urged to put the sent without a little while.
5:35And he said to them, Men, Israelites, attend to yourselves on account of these men, what ye are about to do.
5:36For before these days Theudas arose, saying himself to be somebody: which a number of men followed, about four hundred, who was slain; and all, as many as believed him, were destroyed, and were for nothing.
5:37After this Judas the Galilean arose in the days of enrolling, and misled enough people after him: and he perished; and all, as many as believed him, were scattered.
5:38And now say I to you, Depart from these men, and leave them; for if this counsel or this work be of men, it shall be destroyed:
5:39And if it is of God, ye cannot destroy it; lest ye also be found contenders against God.
5:40And by him they were persuaded: and having called the sent, having stripped, they enjoined not to speak in the name of Jesus, and loosed them.
5:41Truly therefore they went rejoicing from the face of the council, that for his name they were deemed worthy to be dishonoured.
5:42And every day in the temple, and at the house, they ceased not teaching and announcing the good news, Jesus the Christ.
Julia Smith and her sister

Julia E. Smith Translation 1876

The Julia Evelina Smith Parker Translation is considered the first complete translation of the Bible into English by a woman. The Bible was titled The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally from the Original Tongues, and was published in 1876.

Julia Smith, of Glastonbury, Connecticut had a working knowledge of Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Her father had been a Congregationalist minister before he became a lawyer. Having read the Bible in its original languages, she set about creating her own translation, which she completed in 1855, after a number of drafts. The work is a strictly literal rendering, always translating a Greek or Hebrew word with the same word wherever possible. Smith accomplished this work on her own in the span of eight years (1847 to 1855). She had sought out no help in the venture, even writing, "I do not see that anybody can know more about it than I do." Smith's insistence on complete literalness, plus an effort to translate each original word with the same English word, combined with an odd notion of Hebrew tenses (often translating the Hebrew imperfect tense with the English future) results in a translation that is mechanical and often nonsensical. However, such a translation if overly literal might be valuable to consult in checking the meaning of some individual verse. One notable feature of this translation was the prominent use of the Divine Name, Jehovah, throughout the Old Testament of this Bible version.

In 1876, at 84 years of age some 21 years after completing her work, she finally sought publication. The publication costs ($4,000) were personally funded by Julia and her sister Abby Smith. The 1,000 copies printed were offered for $2.50 each, but her household auction in 1884 sold about 50 remaining copies.

The translation fell into obscurity as it was for the most part too literal and lacked any flow. For example, Jer. 22:23 was given as follows: "Thou dwelling in Lebanon, building as nest in the cedars, how being compassionated in pangs coming to thee the pain as in her bringing forth." However, the translation was the only Contemporary English translation out of the original languages available to English readers until the publication of The British Revised Version in 1881-1894.(The New testament was published in 1881, the Old in 1884, and the Apocrypha in 1894.) This makes it an invaluable Bible for its period.