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Matthew's Bible 1537



16:1Agayne, the worde of the Lorde spake vnto me, sayinge:
16:2Thou sonne of man, shewe the citie of Ierusalem theyr abhominacions
16:3& saye: Thus sayth the Lorde God vnto Ierusalem: Thy progeny & kinred came oute of the lande of Canaan, thy father was an Amoryte, thy mother a Cethyte.
16:4In the daye of thy byrthe, when thou waste borne, the strynge of thy nauel was not cut of: thou wast not bathed in water to make the cleane: Thou wast neyther robbed with salt, nor swedled in cloutes:
16:5No man regarded the so muche, as to do any of these thinges for the or to shewe the suche fauoure, but thou waste vtterlye cast oute vpon the felde, yea despised wast thou in the daye of thy byrthe.
16:6Then came I by the, and sawe the troden doune in thyne owne bloude, and sayde vnto the: thou shalte be pourged from thyne owne bloude, from thyne owne bloude (I say) shalt thou be clensed.
16:7So I planted the, as the blossome of thy felde: thou arte growen vp, and waxen greate: thou haste gotten a maruelous pleasaunt beutie, thy brestes are come vp, thy heare is goodly growen, where as thou wast naked and bare afore.
16:8Now when I wente by the, & loked vpon the: beholde, thy tyme was come, yea euen the tyme to vowe the. Then spred I my clothes ouer the, to couer thy dishonesty: yea I made an othe vnto the, and maryed my selfe wyth the (sayeth the Lorde God) and so thou becameste myne owne.
16:9Then washed I the wyth water, and pourged thy bloude from the. I anoynted the wyth oyle,
16:10I gaue the chaunge of raymentes, I made the shues of Tarus lether: I gyrthed the about with whyte sylcke, I clothed the with kerchues,
16:11I decked the wyth costly apparell, I put rynges vpon thy fyngers: a chayne aboute thy necke,
16:12spanges vpon thy fore head, eare rynges vpon thyne eares, and set a beutyfull croune vpon thyne heade.
16:13Thus waste thou deckte with syluer & golde, and thy rayment was of fyne whyte sylke, of nedle worke & of dyuerse colours. Thou dyddest eate nothynge but symnels, hony and oyle: maruelous goodly wast thou & beutiful, yea euen a very Quene wast thou:
16:14In so muche, that thy beutye was spoken of amonge the Heythen, for thou waste excellent in my beuty, which I put vpon the, sayeth the Lorde God.
16:15But thou haste put confidence in thyne owne beutye, & played the harlot, when thou haddest gotten the a name. Thou haste commytted whordome, wyth all that wente by the, & hast fulfilled theyr desyres:
16:16yea thou hast taken thy garmentes of dyuerse colours, & deckte thyne aulters therwith, where vpon thou myghtest fulfyll thyne whoredome, of suche a fashyon, as neuer was done, nor shalbe.
16:17The goodly ornamentes & Iewels whiche I gaue the of myne owne golde and syluer, hast thou taken, and made the mens ymages thereof, and commytted whordome with al.
16:18Thy garmentes of dyuerse coloures haste thou taken, and deckte them ther wyth: myne oyle and incense hast thou set before them.
16:19My meate whiche I gaue the, as symnels, oyle & honye (to fede the withall) that haste thou set before them, for a swete sauoure. And thys came also to passe, saieth the Lord God.
16:20Thou haste taken thyne owne sonnes & doughters, whom thou hast begotten vnto me, and these haste thou offered vp vnto them, to be theyr meate. Is this but a smal whordome of thine (thinckest thou)
16:21that thou slayest my children and geuest them ouer, to be brent vnto them?
16:22And yet in all thy abhominacyons & whordome, thou hast not remembred the dayes of thy youth, howe naked and bare thou wast at that tyme, and troden doune in thyne owne bloude.
16:23After all these thy wickednesses (wo wo vnto the, sayeth the Lord)
16:24thou hast buylded thy stewes and brodel houses in euery place: yea at the heade of euery stret
16:25hast thou builded the an aulter. Thou hast made thy beuty to be abhorred, thou hast laied out thy legges to euery one that came by, and multiplyed thine whoredom.
16:26Thou hast committed fornicacyon with the Egipcians thy neyghbours whiche had muche flesh, and thus haste thou vsed thyne whoredome, to anger me.
16:27Beholde, I will stretch out mine hande ouer the, and will minishe the stoare of fode, & deliuer the ouer into the willes of the Philistines thine enemies, whiche are ashamed of thy abhominable waye.
16:28Thou hast plaied the whore also with the Assirians, whyche might not satisfye the: Yea thou haste played the harlot, and not had ynough.
16:29Thus hast thou stil committed thy fornicacyon from the lande of Canaan vnto the Caldees, and yet thy lust not satisfyed.
16:30How shoulde I circumcyse thine herte (sayeth the Lorde God) seynge thou doest all these thinges, thou precyous whore:
16:31buyldinge thy stewes at the head of euerye strete, and thy brodell houses in all places? Thou hast not ben as another whore that maketh boost of her winninge,
16:32but as a wyfe that breaketh wedlock, and taketh other in steade of her husbande.
16:33Gyftes are geuen to al other whores, but thou geuest rewardes vnto all thy louers: and offrest them gyftes, to come vnto the out of all places, and to committe fornicacyon wt the.
16:34It is come to passe wyth the in thy whordomes contrarye to the vse of other women, yea there had no such fornicacion bene committed after the, seyng that thou proferest gyftes vnto other, and no rewarde is geuen the: thys is a contrarie thing.
16:35Therfore heare the worde of the Lorde O thou harlot:
16:36thus sayeth the Lorde God: For so much as thou hast spent thy moneye, and discouered thy shame, thorow thy whordome wyth all thy louers, and wyth all the Idols of thy abhominacions in the bloude of thy children, whom thou hast geuen them:
16:37Beholde therfore, I wyll gather together all thy louers, vnto whome thou hast made thy selfe comen: yea and all them whom thou fauourest, and euery one that thou hatest: and wil discouer thy shame before them, that they al maye se thy fylthines.
16:38Moreouer, I will iudge the as a breaker of wedlocke and a murtherer, & recompence the thyne owne bloud in wrath and gelousy.
16:39I will geue the ouer into their power, that shal breake doune thy stewes, and destroye thy brodel houses, they shall stryppe the oute of thy clothes, al thy fayre and beutyfull Iewels shall they take from the, and so let the syt naked and bare:
16:40yea they shal bryng the comen people vpon the, whiche shall stone the, and slaye the doune with their sweardes.
16:41They shall burne vp thy houses, & punish the in the syght of manye wemen. Thus wyll I make thy whordome to ceasse, so that thou shalt geue out no mo rewardes.
16:42Shoulde I make my wrath to be styl, take my gelousy from the, be content, and no more to be displeased?
16:43seynge thou remembrest not the dayes of thy youth, but haste prouoked me to wrath in all these thinges? Behold therfore, I wyll brynge thyne owne wayes vpon thyne heade, sayeth the Lorde God: howe be it, I neuer dyd vnto the, accordynge to thy wyckednesse and all thy abhominacions.
16:44Beholde, al they that vse comen prouerbes, shall vse this prouerbe also against the: suche a mother, suche a doughter.
16:45Thou art euen thy mothers owne doughter, that hast cast of her housbande & their children. Yea, thou art the syster of thy systers, whiche forsoke their husbandes and their children. Youre mother is a Cethite, and youre father an Amorite.
16:46Thyne eldest syster is Samaria, she and her doughters that dwel vpon thy left hande. But thy youngest syster that dwelleth on thy ryght hand, is Sodoma & her doughters.
16:47Yet hast thou not walked after their wayes, nor done after their abhomynacyons: but in all thy wayes thou hast bene more corrupte then they.
16:48As truly as I lyue, sayeth the lorde God: Sodoma thy sister with her doughters hath not done so euyl, as thou and thy doughters.
16:49Beholde, the sinnes of thy sister Sodoma were these: Pryde, fulnesse of meate, aboundaunce and Idelnesse: these thynges had she and her doughters. Besydes that, they reached not their hande to the pore and nedy,
16:50but were proude, and dyd abhomynable thinges before me: therfore I toke them awaye, when I had sene it.
16:51Neyther had Samaria done halfe of thy synnes, yea thou haste exceaded them in wyckednesse. In so muche that in comparyson of all the abhomynacions whyche thou haste done, thou haste made thy systers good wemen.
16:53As for their captyuite, namely the captyuite of Sodoma and her doughters: the captiuyte of Samaria and her doughters. I wyll brynge them agayne, so wyl I also brynge agayne thy captiuite amonge them:
16:54that thou mayest take thyne owne confusion vpon the, and be ashamed of all that thou hast done, & to comforte them.
16:55Thus thy sisters (namelye) Sodoma and her doughters: Samaria and her doughters with thy selfe and thy doughters, shalbe brought agayne to youre olde estate.
16:56When thou wast in thy pryde,
16:57and before the wyckednes came to lyght, thou wouldest not heare speake of thy sister Sodoma, vntill the tyme that the Sirians with all their townes, and the Philistines with all that lye rounde aboute them, brought the to shame & confusyon:
16:58that thou myghtest beare thyne owne fylthines and abhomynacyon, sayeth the Lorde.
16:59For thus sayeth the Lorde God: I shoulde (by ryght) deale with the, as thou hast done. Thou hast despysed the ooth, and broken the couenaunte.
16:60Neuerthelesse, I wyll remembre the couenaunte, that I made wyth the in thy youth, in so much that it shalbe an euerlastinge couenaunt:
16:61so that thou also remembre thy wayes, & be ashamed of them: then shalte thou receyue of me thy elder and younger sisters, whome I will make thy doughters, and that besyde thy couenaunt.
16:62And so will I renue my couenaunt with the, that thou mayest know that I am the Lorde:
16:63that thou mayest thyncke vpon it, be ashamed, and excuse thine owne confusyon no more: when I haue forgeuen the, all that thou hast done, sayeth the Lorde God.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.