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The Great Bible 1539



11:1And there shall come a rodd forth of the kynred of Isai, and a blossome shall florish out of hys rote.
11:2The sprete of the Lord shall lyght vpon hym: the sprete of wysdome, and vnderstandynge: the sprete of councell, & strength the sprete of knowledge, and of the feare of the Lorde:
11:3and shall make hym feruent in the feare of God. For he shall not geue sentence, after the thyng that shal be brought before his eyes, nether reproue a matter at the fyrst hearing:
11:4but wt ryghteousnesse shal he iudge the poore, and with holynes shal he refourme the simple of the worlde. He shall smyte the worlde with the rodd of hys mouth, & wt the breath of hys mouth shall he staye the vngodly.
11:5Ryghteousnesse shalbe the gyrdle of his loynes, trueth & faythfulnesse, the gyrdynge vp of hys raynes.
11:6The wolfe shall dwell with the lambe, and the Leoparde shal lye downe by the goate. Bullockes, Lyons & catell shall kepe company together, so that a lytle chylde shall rule them.
11:7The kowe & the Bere shall fede together, & their yonge ones shall lye together. The Lyon shall eate strawe lyke the oxe, or the kowe.
11:8The childe whyle he sucketh, shal haue a desire to the serpentes nest, and when he is weaned, he shall put hys hande into the Cockatryce denne.
11:9No man shall do euel to another, no man shal destroye another, in all the hyll of my holynes. For the earth shalbe full of the knowledge of the Lord, euen as the see floweth ouer with water.
11:10And in that daye shal the gentyles enquere after the rote of Iesse which shalbe set vp for a token vnto the people, & hys dwellynge shalbe glorious.
11:11At the same time shal the lord take in hande agayne, to conquere the remnaunt of his people (which shalbe left alyue) From the Assyrians, Egypcians, Arabians, Morians, Elamites, Caldeyes, Antiochians and from the Ilandes of the see.
11:12And he shall sett vp a token amonge the Gentyles, and gather together the dispersed of Israel, yee & the out castes of Iuda from the foure corners of the worlde.
11:13The hatred of Ephraim also and enemyes of Iuda shalbe cleane roted oute. Ephraim shall beare no euell will to Iuda, and Iuda shal not hate Ephraim:
11:14but they both together shall flye vpon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the west, and spoyle them together that dwell towarde the East. The Idumytes and the Moabites shall lett their handes fall, & the Ammonites shalbe obedient vnto them.
11:15The Lorde also shall cleue the tunges of the Egypcians see, & with a myghtie wynde shall he lyft vp his hande ouer Nilus, and shall smyte hys seuen streames, and make men go ouer drye shod.
11:16And thus shal there be awaye for his people, that remayneth from the Assirians, lyke as it happened to the Israelites, what tyme they departed out of the land of Egypt.
The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible 1539

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized edition of the Bible in English, authorized by King Henry VIII of England to be read aloud in the church services of the Church of England. The Great Bible was prepared by Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Secretary to Henry VIII and Vicar General. In 1538, Cromwell directed the clergy to provide "one book of the bible of the largest volume in English, and the same set up in some convenient place within the said church that ye have care of, whereas your parishioners may most commodiously resort to the same and read it."