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Malachi 3:18

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Masoretic Text 1524

H7725 Then shall ye return ושׁבתם
H7200 and discern וראיתם
H996 between בין
H6662 the righteous צדיק
H7563 and the wicked לרשׁע
H996 between בין
H5647 that serveth עבד
H430 God אלהים
H834 him לאשׁר
H3808 not לא
H5647 that serveth עבדו׃

King James Bible (Oxford 1769)

H7725 return
H7200 discern
H996 between
H6662 righteous
H7563 wicked
H996 between
H834 him
H5647 serveth
H430 God
H834 him
H5647 serveth
H834 him

Hebrew-English Dictionary

Strongs: H7200
Hebrew: רָאָה
Transliteration: râʼâh
Pronunciation: raw-aw'
Part of Speech: Verb
Bible Usage: advise {self} {appear} {approve} {behold} X-(idiom) {certainly} {consider} {discern} (make to) {enjoy} have {experience} {gaze} take {heed} X-(idiom) {indeed} X-(idiom) {joyfully} {lo} look ({on} one {another} one on {another} one upon {another} {out} {up} {upon}) {mark} {meet} X-(idiom) be {near} {perceive} {present} {provide} {regard} (have) {respect} ({fore-} cause {to} let) see ({-r} {-m} one {another}) shew ({self}) X-(idiom) sight of {others} (e-) {spy} {stare} X-(idiom) {surely} X-(idiom) {think} {view} visions.

to {see} literally or figuratively (in numerous {applications} direct and {implied} {transitively} intransitively and causatively)

1. to see, look at, inspect, perceive, consider

a. (Qal)

1. to see

2. to see, perceive

3. to see, have vision

4. to look at, see, regard, look after, see after, learn about, observe, watch, look upon, look out, find out

5. to see, observe, consider, look at, give attention to, discern, distinguish

6. to look at, gaze at

b. (Niphal)

1. to appear, present oneself

2. to be seen

3. to be visible

c. (Pual) to be seen

d. (Hiphil)

1. to cause to see, show

2. to cause to look intently at, behold, cause to gaze at

e. (Hophal)

1. to be caused to see, be shown

2. to be exhibited to

f. (Hithpael) to look at each other, face

The Brown-Driver-Briggs
Hebrew-English Lexicon (BDB) 1906
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.