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Romans - Chapter: 16

16:1And Y comende to you Feben, oure sister, which is in the seruyce of the chirche that is at Teucris,
16:2that ye resseyue hir in the Lord worthili to seyntis, and `that ye helpe hir in what euere cause sche schal nede of you. For sche helpide many men, and my silf.
16:3Grete ye Prisca and Aquyla, myn helperis in Crist Jhesu,
16:4which vndurputtiden her neckis for my lijf; to whiche not Y aloone do thankyngis, but also alle the chirchis of hethene men.
16:5And grete ye wel her meyneal chirche. Grete wel Efenete, louyd to me, that is the firste of Asie in Crist Jhesu.
16:6Grete wel Marie, the whiche hath trauelid myche in vs.
16:7Grete wel Andronyk and Julian, my cosyns, and myn euen prisouneris, which ben noble among the apostlis, and whiche weren bifor me in Crist.
16:8Grete wel Ampliate, most dereworth to me in the Lord.
16:9Grete wel Vrban, oure helpere in Crist Jhesus, and Stacchen, my derlyng.
16:10Grete wel Appellem, the noble in Crist.
16:11Grete wel hem that ben of Aristoblis hous. Grete wel Erodion, my cosyn. Grete wel hem that ben of Narciscies hous, that ben in the Lord.
16:12Grete wel Trifenam and Trifosam, whiche wymmen trauelen in the Lord. Grete wel Persida, most dereworthe womman, that hath trauelid myche in the Lord.
16:13Grete wel Rufus, chosun in the Lord, and his modir, and myn.
16:14Grete wel Ansicrete, Flegoncia, Hermen, Patroban, Herman, and britheren that ben with hem.
16:15Grete wel Filologus, and Julian, and Nereum, and his sistir, and Olympiades, and alle the seyntis that ben with hem.
16:16Grete ye wel togidere in hooli coss. Alle the chirches of Crist greten you wel.
16:17But, britheren, Y preye you, that ye aspie hem that maken discenciouns and hirtyngis, bisidis the doctryne that ye han lerned, and bowe ye awei fro hem.
16:18For suche men seruen not to the Lord Crist, but to her wombe, and bi swete wordis and blessyngis disseyuen the hertis of innocent men.
16:19But youre obedience is pupplischid in to euery place, therfor Y haue ioye in you. But Y wole that ye be wise in good thing, and symple in yuel.
16:20And God of pees tredde Sathanas vndur youre feet swiftli. The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with you.
16:21Tymothe, myn helpere, gretith you wel, and also Lucius, and Jason, and Sosipater, my cosyns.
16:22Y Tercius grete you wel, that wroot this epistle, in the Lord.
16:23Gayus, myn oost, gretith you wel, and al the chirche. Erastus, tresorere of the city, gretith you wel, and Quartus brother.
16:24The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with you alle.
16:25Amen. And onour and glorie be to hym, that is myyti to conferme you bi my gospel, and prechyng of Jhesu Crist, bi the reuelacioun of mysterie holdun stylle in tymes euerlastinge;
16:26which mysterie is now maad opyn bi scripturis of prophetis, bi the comaundement of God with outen bigynnyng and endyng, to the obedience of feith in alle hethene men, the mysterie
16:27knowun bi Jhesu Crist to God aloone wiss, to whom be onour and glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.


16:1I commede vnto you Phebe oure sister (which is a minister of the congregacion of Chenchrea)
16:2that ye receave her in the Lorde as it becommeth saynctes and that ye assist her in whatsoever busynes she neadeth of youre ayde. For she hath suckered many and myne awne selfe also.
16:3Grete Prisca and Aquila my helpers in Christ Iesu
16:4which have for my lyfe layde doune their awne neckes. Vnto which not I only geve thankes but also the congregacion of the getyls.
16:5Lyke wyse grete all the copany that is in thy housse. Salute my welbeloved Epenetos which is the fyrst frute amoge them of Achaia.
16:6Grete Mary which bestowed moche labour on vs.
16:7Salute Andronicus and Iunia my cosyns which were presoners with me also which are wele taken amoge the Apostles and were in Christ before me.
16:8Grete Amplias my beloved in ye Lorde.
16:9Salute Vrban oure helper in Christ and Stachys my beloved.
16:10Salute Appelles approved in Christ. Salute them which are of Aristobolus housholde.
16:11Salute Herodion my kynsma. Grete them of the housholde of Narcissus which are in the Lorde.
16:12Salute Triphena and Triphosa which wemen dyd labour in ye Lorde. Salute ye beloved Persis which laboured in the Lorde.
16:13Salute Rufus chosen tn the Lorde and his mother and myne.
16:14Grete Asincritus Phlegon Herman Patrobas Hermen and the brethren which are wt them.
16:15Salute Philologus and Iulia Nereus and his sister and Olimpha and all the saynctes which are with them.
16:16Salute one another with an holy kysse. The congregacions of Christ salute you.
16:17I beseche you brethre marke them which cause division and geve occasions of evyll contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned: and avoyde them.
16:18For they yt are suche serve not ye Lorde Iesus Christ: but their awne bellyes and with swete preachinges and flatteringe wordes deceave the hertes of the innocetes.
16:19For youre obedience extendeth to all men. I am glad no dout of you. But yet I wolde have you wyse vnto yt which is good and to be innocetes concerninge evyll.
16:20The God of peace treade Satan vnder youre fete shortly. The grace of oure Lorde Iesu Christ be with you.
16:21Thimotheus my worke felow and Lucius and Iason and Sopater my kynsmen salute you.
16:22I Tertius salute you which wrote this epistle in the Lorde.
16:23Gaius myne hoste and the hoste of all the congregacions saluteth you. Erastus the chamberlayne of ye cite saluteth you. And Quartus a brother saluteth you.
16:24The grace of oure Lorde Iesu Christ be wt you all. Ame
16:25To him that is of power to stablisshe you accordinge to my gospell and preachinge of Iesus Christ in vtteringe of the mistery which was kept secret sence the worlde begane
16:26but now is opened by ye scriptures of prophesie at the commaundement of the everlastinge god to stere vp obedience to the faith publisshed amonge all nacions:
16:27To the same God which alone is wyse be prayse thorowe Iesus Christ for ever. Amen.


16:1I commende vnto you Phebe oure sister, which is a mynister of the congregacion of Cenchrea,
16:2that ye receaue her in the LORDE, as it be cometh the sayntes, and that ye helpe her in whatsoeuer busynesse she hath neade off you. For she hath succoured many, and myne awne selfe also.
16:3Grete Prisca and Aquila my helpers in Christ Iesu,
16:4which for my life haue layed downe their awne neckes: vnto whom not I onely geue thankes, but all the congregacions of the Heythen.
16:5Grete the congregacion also in their house. Salute Epenetos my beloued, which is ye first frute amoge the of Achaia i Christ.
16:6Grete Mary, which hath bestowed moch laboure on vs.
16:7Salute Andronicus & Iunia my cosens, & felowe presoners, which are awncient Apostles, & were before me in Christ.
16:8Grete Amplias my beloued in ye LORDE.
16:9Salute Vrban or helper in Christ, & Stachis my beloued.
16:10Salute Apelles approued in Christ. Salute them which are of Aristobolus housholde.
16:11Salute Herodion my kynssman. Grete the which are of Narcissus housholde in the LORDE
16:12Salute Tryphena & Tryphosa, which haue laboured in ye LORDE. Salute my beloued Persida, which hath laboured moch & ye LORDE.
16:13Salute Ruffus ye chosen in ye LORDE: & his mother & myne.
16:14Grete Asyncritus, Phlego, Herman, Patrobas, Hermen, & ye brethre wt the.
16:15Salute Philologus & Iulia, Nerius & his sister, & Olympa, & all the sayntes. wt the
16:16Salute one another wt an holy kysse. The cogregacions of Christ salute you.
16:17I beseke you brethren, marke them which cause deuysion & geue occasions of euell, contrary to ye doctryne which ye haue learned, & avoyde them.
16:18For they yt are soch, serue not the LORDE Iesu Christ, but their awne belly: & thorow swete preachinges & flateringe wordes, they disceaue ye hertes of ye innocentes.
16:19For youre obedience is published amonge all men, therfore am I glad of you.But yet I wolde haue you wyse in that which is good, & symple in euell.
16:20The God of peace treade Sathan vnder yor fete shortly. The grace of or LORDE Iesu Christ be with you
16:21Timotheus my helper, & Lucius, & Iason, & Sopater my kynsme salute you.
16:22I Tertius which haue writte this epistle in ye LORDE,
16:23salute you Gaius myne ooste & ye oost of ye whole cogregacion saluteth you. Erastus ye chaberlaine of ye cite saluteth you & Quartus a brother saluteth you.
16:24The grace of or LORDE Iesu Christ be wt you all Ame,
16:25To him yt is of power to stablyshe you, acordinge to my Gospell & preachinge of Iesu Christ, wherby is vttered ye mystery which hath bene kepte secrete, sence ye worlde begane,
16:26but now is opened, & shewed by the scriptures of ye prophetes, at the comaundemet of the euerlastinge God, to set vp ye obediece of the faith amonge all Heythen:
16:27to the same God, which alone is wyse, be prayse thorow Iesus Christ for euer, Amen.


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