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Ephesians 6:2

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Textus Receptus (Stephanus 1550)

G5091 Honour τιμα
G3588   τον
G3962 father πατερα
G4675 thy σου
G2532 and και
G3588   την
G3384 mother μητερα
G3748 which ητις
G1510   εστιν
G1785 commandment εντολη
G4413 the first πρωτη
G1722 with εν
G1860 promise επαγγελια

King James Bible (Oxford 1769)

G5091 Honour
G3962 father
G3384 mother
G3748 which
G4413 first
G1785 commandment
G1722 with
G1860 promise

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Greek-English Dictionary

Strongs: G5091
Greek: τιμάω
Transliteration: timaō
Pronunciation: tim-ah'-o
Part of Speech: Verb
Bible Usage: honour value.

to prize that is fix a valuation upon; by implication to revere

1. to estimate, fix the value

a. for the value of something belonging to one's self

2. to honour, to have in honour, to revere, venerate

Thayer's Greek–English Lexicon
of the New Testament 1889
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.