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Acts 12:4

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Textus Receptus (Stephanus 1550)

G3739 when he ον
G2532 And και
G4084 had apprehended πιασας
G5087 put εθετο
G1519 in εις
G5438 prison φυλακην
G3860 delivered παραδους
G5064 to four τεσσαρσιν
G5069 quaternions τετραδιοις
G4757 of soldiers στρατιωτων
G5442 to keep φυλασσειν
G846 him αυτον
G1014 intending βουλομενος
G3326 after μετα
G3588 to the το
G3957 Easter πασχα
G321 forth αναγαγειν
G846 him αυτον
G3588 to the τω
G2992 people λαω

King James Bible (Oxford 1769)

G4084 apprehended
G846 him
G846 him
G5438 prison
G3860 delivered
G846 him
G5064 four
G5069 quaternions
G4757 soldiers
G5442 keep
G846 him
G1014 intending
G3326 after
G3957 Easter
G846 him
G321 forth
G2992 people

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Greek-English Dictionary

Strongs: G5442
Greek: φυλάσσω
Transliteration: phulassō
Pronunciation: foo-las'-so
Part of Speech: Verb
Bible Usage: beware keep (self) observe save. Compare G5083 .

to watch that is be on guard (literally or figuratively); by implication to preserve . obey avoid

1. to guard

a. to watch, keep watch

b. to guard or watch, have an eye upon: lest he escape

c. to guard a person (or thing) that he may remain safe

1. lest he suffer violence, be despoiled, etc. to protect

2. to protect one from a person or thing

3. to keep from being snatched away, preserve safe and unimpaired

4. to guard from being lost or perishing

5. to guard one's self from a thing

d. to guard i.e. care for, take care not to violate

1. to observe

2. to observe for one's self something to escape

a. to avoid, shun flee from

b. to guard for one's self (i.e. for one's safety's sake) so as not to violate, i.e. to keep, observe (the precepts of the Mosaic law)

Thayer's Greek–English Lexicon
of the New Testament 1889
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.