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Matthew's Bible 1537



1:1Paule by vocacyon an Apostle of Iesus Christe thorow the wyll of God, & brother Sostenes.
1:2Vnto the congregacyon of GOD whiche is at Corinthum. To them that are sanctifyed in Christ Iesu, saynctes by callyng with al that call on the name of oure Lorde Iesus Christe in euerye place, bothe of theyrs and of oures.
1:3Grace be with you and peace from God oure father, and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.
1:4I thanke my God alwayes on youre behalfe, for the grace of God whiche is geuen you by Iesus Christ,
1:5that in all thynges ye are made ryche by hym, in all learnynge and in al knoweledge
1:6euen as the testimony of Iesus Christ was confyrmed in you,
1:7so that ye are behynd in no gyfte, and wayte for the appearynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christe,
1:8which shal strength you vnto the ende, that ye may be blamelesse in the daye of oure Lorde Iesus Christ.
1:9For God is faythfull, by whome ye are called vnto to the felowshyppe of hys sonne Iesus Christ oure Lorde.
1:10I beseche you brethren in the name of oure Lorde Iesus Christe, that ye all speake one thynge, and that there be no dissencyon amonge you: but be ye knyt together in one mynde, and in one meanynge.
1:11It is shewed vnto me (my brethren) of you, by them that are of the housse of Cloe, that there is stryfe amonge you. And thys is it that I meane,
1:12how that communly among you, one saith: I hold of Paul, another I holde of Apollo, the thyrd I holde of Cephas, the fourth I holde of Christ.
1:13Is Christe diuided? was Paule crucifyed for you? eyther were ye baptysed in the name of Paule?
1:14I thanke God, that I christened none of you, but Crispus & Gaius,
1:15lest any should say that I had baptysed in myne own name.
1:16I baptysed also the housholde of Stephana. Furthermore knowe I not whether I baptysed anye man or no.
1:17For Christe sente me not to baptyse, but to preache the gospel, not with wysdom of wordes leaste the crosse of Christe shoulde haue bene made of none effecte.
1:18For the preachyng of the crosse is to them that peryshe folyshnes, but vnto vs whiche are saued, it is the power of God.
1:19For it is written: I will destroye the wysdome of the wyse, and wyll caste awaye the vnderstandinge of the prudent.
1:20Where is the wyse? Where is the scribe? Where is the searcher of this worlde?
1:21Hath not God made the wysdome of thys worlde folyshnes? For when the world thorough wysdome knewe not God, in the wisdom of God, it pleased God thorough folishnes of preachynge to saue them that beleue.
1:22For the Iewes require a signe, and the Grekes seke after wisdom.
1:23But we preache Christe crucifyed vnto the Iewes an occasion of fallinge, and vnto the Grekes folishnes,
1:24but vnto them, whiche are called both of Iewes and Grekes we preache Christe the power of God, and the wisdome of God.
1:25For the folyshnes of God is wyser then men, and the weaknes of God is stronger then men.
1:26Brethren loke on youre callinge howe that not manye wyse men after the fleshe, not manie myghty, not manye of hye degre are called:
1:27but God had chosen the folyshe thynges of the worlde, to confounde the wise. And God hath chosen the weake thinges of the worlde, to confounde thynges, whyche are myghty.
1:28And vile thinges of the world, and thinges whiche are despysed, hath God chosen, yea and thinges of no reputation for to bringe to nought thinges of reputation,
1:29that no flesh shoulde reioise in his presence.
1:30And vnto him partaine ye in Christe Iesus, whiche of God is made to vs wysdome, and also rightuousnes, and sanctifiynge and redemption.
1:31That accordynge as it is written: he whiche reioiseth should reioyse in the Lorde.
Matthew's Bible 1537

Matthew's Bible 1537

The Matthew Bible, also known as Matthew's Version, was first published in 1537 by John Rogers, under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew". It combined the New Testament of William Tyndale, and as much of the Old Testament as he had been able to translate before being captured and put to death, with the translations of Myles Coverdale as to the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, except the Apocryphal Prayer of Manasses. It is thus a vital link in the main sequence of English Bible translations.